Baby Changing Table


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Baby Changing Table
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Baby Changing Table
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Baby Changing Table
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Baby Changing Table
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Kinder and Wellness Loft, LLC

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In stock products will be shipped within five days after receipt of payment.

Products not in stock will be shipped within three to four weeks after receipt of payment.


Orders can be placed with your credit card directly to Kinder and Wellness Loft, LLC. Send an email to, include the model number and we will call you back to confirm the order and obtain your card information.

You can place an order by the PayPal button which gives you the choice to pay with your credit card or echeck.

You can place an order as well directly by mailing a check or money order to Kinder and Wellness Loft, LLC, 198 Weeks Hill Meadows, Stowe, VT 05672. Include the model, size and color code if applicable.

Phone 802-318 4296      email: info@

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Delivery and Payment

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