Baby Changing Stations and Family Swing Sets

Swing sets, baby changing stations

Design Baby Changing Stations

The wall mounted baby changing stations are space saving and absolute convenient. All the necessary items are easy in reach. These changing tables are ideal as a second baby station in the house or for the visit at grandma’s or for your vacation home.

The design feature makes it attractive while not in use and provides a beautiful decoration for the kitchen, bathroom or the second child room.

Made in Vermont, USA

A “green” product from Vermont

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Baby changing tableBaby_Changing_Table_-_Classic_Design.html
Baby changing table The Apple DesignBaby-Changing-Station.html
Baby changing table The Sheep DesignBaby-Changing-Table.html
Family Swing Set
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Baby changing table
Baby changing table The Apple Design
Baby changing station The Sheep Design

Classic Design

Wall mounted Baby Changing Station

Perpendicular to the wall - vertical design

Classic Design

Wall mounted Baby Changing Station

Parallel to the wall - horizontal design

Apple Design

Wall mounted Baby Changing Station

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Diaper changing table sheep designBaby_Changing_Table_-_Classic_Design.html
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